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To offer the best possible therapy to each person

The integration of therapeutic resources up to non pharmaceutical treatment of psychiatric disorders

 Individualized Avant-guarde therapy with a holistic and interdisciplinary approach  

New research applied to treatment

The intentions of therapeutic interventions:

  • To promote a new and efficient therapeutic model founded upon holistic medicine, which is based on the human relationship and on interior experience as the building blocks of the healing process
  • To construct a meeting point between conventional medicine and complementary medicine, where developing a constructive dialogue with the conviction that there are not separate and distinct types of medicine, but rather one field of Medicine whose sole interest is the human being.

The complexity and individuality of psychological disturbances, has, over time, rendered the idea of being able to treat with one medicine or one psychotherapy alone, inadequate.

The modern approach to the treatment of psychological disturbances foresees the integration of pharmaceutical therapy, selected psychotherapy based on the characteristics of the disturbance, and stimulation therapies.

The integration of therapeutic resources is today the most efficient way to treat for each clinical situation of psychological unease, from the first phases (the start) of a disturbance, to the maintenance of well-being, up to cases that have shown to be resistant to treatment.

Ascertaining the diagnosis through attentive examinations and accurate psychometric-instrumental evaluations, we suggest a personalized program of integrated treatment, in some cases even non pharmaceutical.


Therapy Resources

Neuromodulation Therapy

  • Neuromodulation Therapy 
  • TMS – Transuranic Magnetic Stimulation
  • PESF – Pulsating Electrostatic Field
  • tDCS – Trans-cranial Direct Current Stimulation
  • Trans-cranial Electrical Stimulation
  • Light Therapy

Infusion Therapy


Mindfulness meditation

The holistic approach to psychiatric disorders


At the Institute of Neurosciences each therapy is applied according to a holistic therapy model (from the Greek olos – ‘whole’), in which it is the person in their totality, not only their “disorder”, to be placed first. 


Treating psychological disturbances thus requires, according to the holistic vision, synergies and integration for treatment and prevention.


One of the end goals, for example, is learning strategies to personally take care of and maintain one’s own health.  


Even those who are considered healthy can undertake a path of personal growth and acquire techniques of healthy living with the end in mind to preserve their own state of psychological-physical health. 


The holistic doctor, facing his patient will know how to gather, rather than the sterility of a clinical report in order to diagnose, the complexity of a life and the oneness of a personal history. Thus, the patient will know how to become a bit of their own doctor, coming into contact with their own symptoms, which they will recognize as messengers of the synchronization of habits, body attitudes, emotional behaviors, mental processes, etc.


Holistic treatment of psychological disturbances 


Reaching the individual’s well-being with the assistance of natural therapies, but only if they are scientifically validated.




Study of the person’s history
Study of their vulnerability factors (analysis of the sensitivity to external events) 

Study of their resilience (analysis of the skills to face negative events)

2. Biological Reinforcement


Food Supplements
Other medical factors of vulnerability
Sleep Study
Light Therapy


Awareness and development of insight
The optimization of coping skills (stress-management)
The Group of the Philosophy of Life 


The program is available only after visiting the specialist who had performed the guiding evaluation. 

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